Pest Control in Aged Care Facilities

For the elderly staying in a nursing home receiving aged care, it is not always easy. For one, they are away from their family. No matter what age you are, being separated from your loved ones is not something you welcome with open arms. It is even worse for seniors, as they can no longer live close to the people they have spent the majority of their lives with.

When they first come in, all that welcomes them are unfamiliar faces. Caregivers are seen as strangers. Depending on one’s disposition and outlook in life, making friends with fellow seniors can prove challenging too.

Nowadays, however, aged care facilities have come a long way. They foster a family-oriented atmosphere among staff and residents. Plenty of indoor and outdoor activities are organised to motivate them to stay active and alert.

Aside from having a strong support system, elders need to feel safe and comfortable in their new community. One of the biggest threats to their welfare is the presence of pests. At any point a location requires professional pest control, know that there are so many underlying health issues to be worried about. This is why The Bug Bloke offers pest control in Aged Care Facilities.

Heightened Dangers of Pests in Aged Care Facilities

pest control exterminators in aged care facilities

Pest Control in Aged Care Facilities

In advanced age, adults face a higher level of vulnerability to infections. This is linked to the development of comorbid conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, to name a few. Conditions like these make older adults more prone to being infected.

Another factor that increases seniors’ predisposition to infections is a weakened immune system. When the immune system doesn’t function as it’s supposed to, the body won’t be well equipped to fight off infection-causing bacteria.

To protect the elderly in an institutional setting such as an aged care facility, the staff must follow good hygiene habits. Sanitary practices should always be implemented to avoid the spread of pathogens from one resident to another. Finally, pest control should be sought as soon as pests appear on-site.

Organic Pest Control Benefits

A growing niche in the pest control industry, extermination services for nursing homes are becoming more in demand. Rats, bed bugs and termites threaten the facility and risk the health of everyone in it.

The best pest control methods in aged care facilities take a sensitive approach. Zero exposure to residents must be guaranteed. It should also be conducted with discretion so as not to heavily affect daily routines and schedules.

The Bug Bloke, local pest control experts in Sydney, uses methods that are proven 100% safe. We also think about what traditional, chemical pest solutions do to the environment. As such, we only use eco friendly pest control products.

Why Choose The Bug Bloke?

pest control in aged care facilities“Where do I get pest control services near me?” Look no further than The Bug Bloke for aged care pest control services. With us, you won’t have to worry about pest control cost or side effects.

The Bug Bloke, a reliable pest and termite exterminator, is fairly experienced in handling pest management tasks without compromising the well-being of nursing home residents, staff and guests. Given our years in business, we have developed a keen understanding of the standards required to execute pest management in an aged care facility.

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