Pest Control in Government Facilities

pest control in government buildings and facilities

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There is a lot at stake when it comes to public safety in government facilities. Many are free to enter as they are used for official business purposes, commercial agreements and recreational pursuits. These include everything from city libraries to local parks and even parking lots.

And then there are government buildings that do not grant access to the public. These would contain extremely confidential information and highly sensitive processes. Courthouses, consulates and embassies fall under this classification.

The obvious strategy is to focus efforts on securing the parameters to protect facilities. Monitoring devices, metal detectors and other internal security measures are also installed. Often overlooked is the role of pest management in upholding the safety of everyone and everything in a facility.

The Bug Bloke provides pest control services in commercial establishments and government facilities in Sydney.

Make Pest Control Your First Line of Defense

Everyone deserves an environment that is clean, comfortable and contaminant-free. This is regardless of whether they visit or work in a government facility. To protect the well-being of anyone entering community areas and surrounding vicinities, it is crucial to keep the place free of pests. There is nothing inviting about walking through a location that is plagued by critters.

In addition, a growing pest population will cause a damaging impact in government facilities. Depending on the severity of the infestation, pests can largely affect daily operations, important functions and the delivery of service.

High-traffic places such as government facilities create a desirable habitat for most species. No doubt they will find it easy to survive and thrive in conditions available in these areas. This is not only incredibly stressful to deal with—it can also attract negative publicity. One children are involved, government officials will then scramble to do damage control.

The thing is, the possibility of being invaded by unwelcome guests such as rats, spiders and termites will always be there. But with a professional pest control strategy, the risks are substantially lowered.

Government Pest Control Expertise

Government facilities pest control is best left in the hands of trained and licensed professionals. In the local pest control industry, one company is rising to the top—The Bug Bloke. Our eco friendly pest control experts work with all governments including federal, state and local.

Government-owned facilities we service run the gamut from state schools to research labs and military bases. We also work on trains, buses and other forms of mass transportation.

Let Raymond and Suzanne Phillips of The Bug Bloke take charge of all forms of pest solutions for your location. Unlike other pest control companies, we adapt our strategy to the requirements of each client. For instance, some buildings may require total pest eradication while others only request for preventive pest control in certain areas.

Why Choose The Bug Bloke?

pest control for government facilitiesYou won’t have to wonder, “Is there pest control near me?” as we service the whole of Sydney. Our hardworking team of pest exterminators leaves no stone unturned. We conduct meticulous inspections to properly identify the species in your property, and devise a detailed plan for removal. All of the pest controllers we hire continuously receive training to improve their skills in the field.

Make The Bug Bloke your best pest control partner now. In every work that we do, we strive to minimise disruption and damage to your facility. Go ahead and schedule an inspection with us today. Call 0414 232 073 or leave a message on our contact form.