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The Bug Bloke Pest Control for hospitals in Sydney

A dirty hospital environment is unacceptable. It is also highly noticeable. When people enter a hospital, the first thing they notice is the look and feel of the place. Does it look well-maintained? Are the the facilities sanitary?

Typically, hospitals feature an antiseptic aesthetic—white walls, minimalist furniture and reflective floors. This way, it is easier to spot dust, dirt, stains, soils and other pollutants.

Cleaning and housekeeping staff see to it that surfaces are disinfected at all times. They also make sure to sanitise equipment and sterilise tools after each use.


Regular cleaning only removes visible dirt and debris. In hospitals, it is standard practice to sanitise products and supplies. Sanitising is a chemical process that kills most bacteria and makes a surface safe for contact as quick as possible. In fact, you can destroy 99% of bacteria in thirty seconds by sanitising. An obvious example is hand sanitiser. This is hard to miss in hospitals as they put them everywhere—dispensers up on the walls as well as spray and pump type bottles on counters.


A step up from sanitising is disinfecting, which wipes out all harmful organisms in ten minutes. Whereas sanitising reduces bacteria, the goal in disinfecting is elimination. Generally, it is more important to kills germs in hospitals, despite it taking longer. The presence of blood, urine, feces and other bodily fluids call for this particular cleaning process. However, it is not appropriate to disinfect objects that come into contact with the mouth as the solutions is very strong.


Sterilising is even stronger, with much more potent results. This process kills all microorganisms, harmful or not. It completely erases bacterial spores in liquids, compounds, medication and all other substances. An extreme form of cleaning, sterilising is meant for sensitive procedures such as blood donations and tests, immunization and surgery.

Role of Pest Management in Cleanliness

The list of decontamination processes do not end there. For best results, employ pest control solutions in all areas of the building. It is only natural for pests to gravitate towards an environment with lots of resources. With hospitals being a high-traffic area, the risks for contamination are high.

Sightings of pests, especially if repeated, can hurt your hospital’s reputation. Once hospital guests and patients see that you have a pest problem, they will definitely think twice about going to your facility. They could also spread the word to their friends and family. Therefore, hospital pest control is the last piece of the puzzle when it comes to meeting sanitation expectations.

With a professional pest control plan in place, you will be able to finally relax knowing that pests won’t get into your hospital. In turn, you can assure your patients and their loved ones that they will be free of pests during their stay or visit. Medical practitioners will also take comfort in the fact that their patients’ health will not be compromised while under their care.

Why Choose The Bug Bloke?

pest control in hospitals

Effective pest control in Sydney Hospitals

For effective pest control in hospitals, health care & palliative care facilities, trust The Bug Bloke. When you leave it to us to take care of your pest control needs, you can focus your time and energy on your patients’ needs.

Health being the topmost priority in hospitals, we specialise in organic pest control and termite extermination. Some companies use strong chemicals that destroy pests but may cause damage to your health. With our natural pest control methods, we guarantee that no one else will be harmed.

At The Bug Bloke, we also offer competitive pest control prices. We keep our pricing fair so your hospital can focus its funding on what’s really important—serving patients. Call the best pest control company in Sydney today on 0414 232 073. You may also request a free quote by filling in our online form.