pest control near me

How do I find pest control near me and my business?

As well as making sure that your premises are spotless, putting in place the necessary precautions to ensure that your products are processed and stored in hygienic surroundings is also a priority. Given these priorities, a pest infestation can be an absolute disaster! You may actually be shocked to learn the true cost of a pest infestation to you, your employees, your customers, and ultimately to your bottom line. So you are probably wondering… how do I find reliable, fast pest control near me?

Your employees deserve better

Nobody wants to share their workspace with unwanted insects or vermin. Not only does an infestation leave unappealing evidence in the form of droppings, nest materials, and similar detritus, infestations can also make your workforce sick. Whether the illness is as a direct result of contact with a pest (for example a rat bite or wasp sting), or is due to accidentally ingesting or inhaling contaminated food or air, an infestation has the potential to make your workforce severely ill.

Structural damage to your premises

It isn’t just the people on your premises who suffer when pests take up residence, your building can also bear the brunt of an infestation. From chewed electrical cables through to holes in wooden skirting boards, chewed rafters, enlarged holes in the eaves or deteriorating plaster due to the effects of pest waste (particularly if a nest is located high up), pests can wreck your property!

Health and safety legislation demands a clean environment

There is a whole host of legislation in place designed to ensure that your premises are safe for your workers and customers. An infestation almost certainly means you fall foul of them, regardless of whether your business involves food production or not. Penalties include large fines, business closure, and even imprisonment. Is it worth the risk? For more information, visit

Would you frequent a business which was known to have an infestation? Word gets around and once it’s known that you have an untreated pest problem, your customers will want to go elsewhere.

The longer an infestation lasts, the harder it is to get rid of

One of the characteristics of a pest is its ability to breed rapidly. A female mouse, for example, can have as many as ten litters a year. That’s an awful lot of mice! This is why it’s vital to obtain suitable pest control as soon as you notice a problem – the longer it goes on, the worse it will get and the harder (and potentially more costly), the issue is to resolve.

Pest control near me: local expertise just a phone call away

Finding a reliable, professional pest control provider near you is easy! Whether you are suffering from a pest infestation already, or want to investigate the options around preventative pest control, we’re here for you. For a fast, effective pest control response, call 0414 232 073 or click here for a free, no-obligation quote.