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Five reasons you need to leave pest control to the professionals

If you suspect you have unwelcome visitors infesting your home or garden, it can be very tempting to take care of the matter yourself. Nobody wants to have to put up with rodents, insects or other unwanted wildlife for longer than they have to! Unfortunately, an amateur pest control service can cause all sorts of problems and ultimately rarely achieves the desired outcome. If you’re considering putting on a pair of gloves and shinning up a ladder to give it a go, here are five reasons why you really need to think again!

1. Pests are often in inaccessible locations

Pests rarely nest in areas which are easy to reach. Instinctively searching out quiet, undisturbed parts of your property in which to rear their young, pests are commonly found behind walls, in the attic or in some other inaccessible corner. Reaching the nest can be potentially hazardous, with a high chance of trips and falls. Why risk it? Simply call out our team and let us get the job done safely.

2. Pest detritus and droppings are dangerous

It’s not just the pests themselves which can spread disease: their droppings and nest materials can also be carriers of some nasty illnesses. Unfortunately, wearing gloves is not enough to protect yourself. Dried droppings can be inhaled when the nest is disturbed; detritus may unexpectedly fall from above during pest removal activity. Using a professional pest control service will ensure you and your family are safe.

3. Pests can bite!

Particularly when protecting their nest or young, even normally placid animals can become extremely aggressive. In addition, they may attack en masse: who wants to be attacked by a swarm of angry bees or a rat colony? Our team has the right skills and equipment to complete the pest elimination you need.

4. Keeping your family safe

When pests have become agitated by incorrect attempts at getting rid of them, it’s not just the would-be pest controller who is at risk: an angry insect swarm doesn’t differentiate between the person attacking their nest and anyone else in the vicinity, potentially placing innocent bystanders at risk.

5. An amateur pest control service is rarely effective

When you use us for your pest control, you can be assured that we will eliminate the pests from your home, quickly, professionally and effectively. Most control jobs can be completed in a single visit. To keep you and your family protected, let us remove your pest infestation promptly and properly, for a competitive price.

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