Pest Control West Pennant Hills

Selling your home? Make sure it passes a pest inspection

Selling your home is a big decision but once the place you’ve worked hard to create is on the market it can be an exciting time. But one of the biggest hurdles you’ll need to jump before you can stick a ‘for sale’ sign’ on the front lawn is a building and pest inspection.

While not compulsory, having one done for your home will impress prospective buyers and increase the chance of selling the property for the price you want. It will also guarantee you pick up any faults with the building so you can rectify them – and also ensure you don’t put the home on the market with a rat infestation. To make sure pest problems are eliminated, it’s best to turn to a professional pest control service rather than trying to do the job yourself. 

DIY pest solutions are short-term fixes

There are plenty of products on the market that you can turn to as a quick fix for a pest problem. Just head to the supermarket and you can get your hands on everything from room sprays, flea bombs and snail pellets to mouse traps.

But these pest control products won’t guarantee the problem goes away – they will simply deal with the most obvious symptoms. To ensure that your home’s pest problem is truly pest free, get a professional on the job. That way the root causes of the pest infestation will be found and the problem won’t come back.

Pest problems can be very serious

Pests such as rodents, fleas or spiders can be dealt with by a professional pest controller with very straightforward tactics like eliminating food sources, hiding places and nests so the problem doesn’t recur. But an infestation of termites can seriously threaten the structural integrity of your home, affecting everything from roof beams to floorboards and load bearing walls. Click here for an unfortunate story of what could happen to your real estate value if termites take hold of your house!  

Whilst there are DIY termite control products on the market, it’s wise to get a professional on the job that can completely eliminate the infestation and thoroughly check your home for affected areas. This way you’ll be able to repair any damage with confidence that you have taken care of the problem. For more information on our termite treatments click here.

Pest control West Pennant Hills residents can trust

If you’re keen to put your home on the market a pest inspection from The Bug Bloke can give your property the edge over the competition. If you pass with flying colours, that’s a great result and you can tell prospective buyers. If you find a problem that needs dealing with, then The Bug Bloke will sort it out.

For pest control West Pennant Hills residents can trust, get in touch with The Bug Bloke. We can help you inspect your property, find any infestations and deal with them effectively. Just give us a call today on 0414 232 073