Restaurant Pest Control

Professionals involved in the food service industry know how easy it is to get lost in the flurry of activity. There is no taking it easy. Chefs, waiters, cashiers are always on their toes. The pressure to get everything working like a well-oiled machine is immense.

With the constant hustle and bustle inside restaurants, the management and staff concentrate on pleasing patrons. However, quality of food and ambience are not the only things diners look at. Customer satisfaction surveys reveal that cleanliness is a determining factor of whether they’ll be visiting a restaurant again.

Zero Tolerance Policy

An alarming sign that your establishment isn’t up to par on sanitation? Pests. This goes for everything from popular fast food joints to trendy bars and especially, fancy fine dining restaurants. Pests in places where food is prepared and consumed are completely unacceptable.

Seeing ants crawl in a neat line or spotting a few flies here and there at shops or offices are not made a big deal out of. But take that same scenario in a restaurant and complaints will rain down from unhappy and disgusted customers. In the age of social media, it only takes one post to go viral and catapult your brand towards notoriety.

Therefore, zero tolerance policy for vermin of any kind should always be implemented. Address the need for restaurant pest control as soon as possible. Doing so will drive more customers to your business and establish your credibility in the industry.

Remove Pests in Restaurants ASAP

Thinking of taking matters into your own hands with DIY pest control solutions? Think again. There are much bigger things to worry about than restaurant pest control cost. If you fail to detect an infestation in areas that seem to be unharmed by pests, you can face serious consequences. The outcome may not be immediate, but the gradual damage to your restaurant can cost you thousands of dollars.

In addition, you must be fully aware of the pest management regulations imposed on businesses handling food and beverage. Kitchens, pantries, refrigerators and other food preparation areas must be protected from insecticides. There should not be any traces of chemical pesticides to prevent contamination and exposure to hazardous substances. Without specialised tools and advanced technology, this

Pest control services are there for a reason. At The Bug Bloke, our restaurant pest control procedure starts with a thorough inspection of the establishment. As every restaurant is different, we take our time to survey the property before devising our plan.

Why Choose our Restaurant Pest Control Service?

In Sydney, The Bug Bloke performs various pest control procedures and protocols specifically made for restaurants. With our expertise, we will make it easier for you to keep your premises clean and safe. Our restaurant pest solutions include treatments that have been tried-and-tested for any type of environment.

the bug bloke restaurant pest control

Raymond and Suzanne Phillips, The Bug Bloke owners, know exactly what is required to effectively execute natural pest control methods. Food service industries benefit largely from organic pest control products as these do away with harsh and toxic chemicals that are harmful to the health of workers and customers.

Through our integrated pest management plan, we aim for comprehensive results in the safest way possible. We can guarantee that the areas where food is stored, made, served and eaten will be kept away from pests.

Apart from offering pest control services for restaurants, we also take on extermination and removal work for hospitals, government offices, malls and hotels. Go ahead and contact our office to learn about our complete list of services. Call 0414 232 073 at your earliest convenience. Our team is always on standby to answer your call.